Ideas at hand

Matching expectations with outcomes. The highlight this week goes to the 30 minutes evolution with a small team. Here was my first experiment using the GROW model in a group setting (w/ 6+1). First the team members where asked about what did they want to achieve with that session and the goals where posted on a table for everyone to see them. Then I asked about the current reality and we mapped out all their challenges. We did some clustering to define the focus of the conversation. Once the focus was determined I asked about what could they do about it to go from the current reality (in one side of the wall) to the goal. Again we secured several initiatives (will or way forward) that by  consensus would get us there. Once the agreement was settled I asked about – what would be the first thing to focus on? All agree to go back to their own team and ask the very same questions. I can’t wait for the next follow up and wrap session.  Placeholder Image

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