Into the world of conflict 

So here we are,  it’s Friday PM and everyone is gone from the new office. I could see he was very tired after all it was a long week. Upon a few minutes of discussion we ended up agreeing to talk about situations that can easily escalate to conflict. So from this discussion we explore the type of situations and how could we identify in advance if they could escalate to conflict. We were focused on the requests for work elements and the allocation of the workload to the team. We agree that somehow the key point is to find out win-win ideas (every one wins the job gets done and they learn by doing), clarifying the purpose so the conversation would not expand to details hence more potential for conflict. We agree on three main actions that ensure all conversations would end up with clear expectations and both parties happy with that outcome. Those were: 1) in any circumstance searching win-win situations, 2) ask clarifying questions but avoid “why” unless you direct the questions to yourself or provide an analogy, and lastly by explaining the constraints and how time is of essence providing reasoning for such request. 

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