Measure to understand and understand to measure? 

Coaching skills enhancement depends on a myriad of variables: some related to your personality,  others to your natural ability and lastly specific traits that seem to be common skills coaches develop with practice. Coaching as a method is assessed under different variables using a myriad of scenarios. And institutions around the world propose Cartesian and not so Cartesian methods to measure your evolution. Regardless of its complexity there are three methods I saw important to consider: your self-reflection, peer assessment and observers feedback. The perception of those traits or variables are accepted by experts to be proxies of a good coaching,  that is,  if you score high it means your are unconsciously competent and, therefore, most likely able to to drive the Coachee’s agenda. Coaching global introduced a semantic differential scale to determine your baseline of coaching skills and measure to what extent your are improving them assuming you rate yourself periodically. So I decided to do so and share a survey monkey link. I the hope that you may find it useful for you too:

1. Observer feedback form:

2. Coach competencies feedback self-assessment:

3. Coaching quick keyword feedback quick reference:

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