Complexity and Conflict two sides of the same coin? 

This time I was a coachee! It feels great to be the center of someone’s attention. So we were focused on how providing too much information to your peers at work can create conflict. In other words how complexity combined with speed at work can bring conflict to the table of day-to-day conversations. From the 45 min evolution I found that there is a conspicuous need to scan the recipient needs for info as you speak. And sometimes less is more. Therefore, we agree to use a modified PACT model to transitioning conversations and inteactions with peers at work. I also found that one cannot expect that the recipient of your message clearly understands it and expect him/her to reply in the same proportion or measure on the context of what is requested from me. And I found this is were my expectations need to be leveled so I do not get disappointed. Therefore I need to measure complexity regardless of the context as to avoid rejection or conflict before engaging people around me. 

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