You can’t coach all times

When you listen to life coaches addressing you on YouTube you wonder if Coaching is the sole way of interaction. Then finding those coachable moments in the conundrum of stress that abound in most corporate worlds becomes a witch hunt too. So I wonder…Is coaching there to be your guiding light at the end of the tunnel? Can you coach yourself to increase your self-awareness? Can coaching be combined with other methods enhancing your performance as a coach?

Coaching can be a tool for yourself and others if you base your actions on the principles of trust, learning and autonomy. But practicing self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying is what makes the difference. So what are the methods that when used together allow us to improve our coaching skills regardless if you are coaching yourself, another person or a group of persons? According to Costa and Garmston there is a interplay between cognitive coaching, collaboration, consulting and evaluating. Question is: how to manage all the above at the same time whilst facilitating thinking? 

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