The interplay between coaching and other interventions 

I am fascinated by transitions from hierarchical to flat organizations. My experience on the floor has made me cognizant that coaching demands special conditions that do not happen frequently at your workplace.

Therefore, either you fight a battle of titans between time and space or you find other forms of support services we may use for the benefit of that intervention. 
So what other methods may complement coaching within the plethora of situations we have at the workplace and how do they match and connect to each other? 

How would those methods support your holistic role whilst coaching a whole team? 

And first of all why is this important? Well… we hear about perfect ventures whereupon employees love each other and life feels like a fairy tale. 

If you build your business from scratch you can place the blocks you want where you want. The most difficult part is to handle the ones that exist already and manage to shift the course of the organization by working with the people, process for a profit. 

Therefore from absolute workplace harmony to workplace caos the amount of time and type of approach varies. 

In a competitive place where everyone fights each other all the time the opportunity to coach is close to zero. Then probably mediation and even some counseling would precede the coaching process.  

Then again, is the group is stuck though lots of conversations happening? Probably,  evaluating and collaboration would make more sense.  

There is no magic formula so far unless the book I am reading tells me the opposite: see here.  

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