The visual (cognitive) coach

Visualization allows us to connect things faster. This is not new. As it is also not new the fact that words get lost in translation. And it is widely accepted that images prevail across languages, dialects and cultures.  

Even language before becoming codified with the sumerians and latter phoenicians was provided with a set of drawings. Chinese characters are the best example of that. 

So when you read about how a mathematical genius like Daniel Tammet calculates solutions using literally astronomical numbers you wonder… how does he do it? 

If you ask him he will tell you – he visualizes it. Literally. It seems number 15 is a beautiful number. 

And given our natural ability to perceive images faster than words no wonder why some multiply drawing with better,  simpler and faster results than using a typical algorithm to do it. 

Having said so I thought if we could visualize the coaching process or if by any chance we could help others seeing their own way…visualy. 

It seems someone else thought about and she makes a living out of it! 

There is community of visual coaches who ensures visual cues really help with the coaching process.  

We are about to start! 

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