The engagement of art and the art of engagement

If you ask an artist how her creations come to fruition she most likely will tell you: “…at start: obviously messy, intangible, unclear, cluttered, complex, unknown.” 

As she gets immersed into the process of creation she evolves to a level where the truth emanes out of simplicity giving birth to something new: clear, uncluttered, inevitably simple, yet so powerful: art.
The ease of which she (the artist) goes from scratch to a masterpiece is an astonishing journey we are yet to understand. One thing I got from artists: they try. Some try really hard, every single day and learn from what they do.

I try to look at employee engagement the same way. An ecosystem that at start: looks messy, intangible, unclear and specially complex. 

We don’t need complex analysis that go from correlations, matrices, regressions and complex predictive algorithms. This may lead us to the mercy of implacable numbers.

To engage, we need simplicity, we need to try and learn. Question is: have you tried? 

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