Coalescense: more than collaboration

It came recently to my acquaintance that chemistry shares an important similarity with the business world.

When everyone is talking about the difference between collaboration and cooperation seldom we remember that what persists through time is our real target.

We look for the right teams, the right resources, the right capabilities for the right projects. 

Coalescense is  when different elements of something join together and become one. 

The suffix “co” means “together.” The other half of the word comes from alescere, a Latin verb meaning “to grow up.”

I believe the right cooperation and collaboration only make sense if that team together grows.

If they grow individually and as a group with what they do and what they wish to accomplish.

On the other hand coalescence is an outcome hence not a proxy of means to end but the end itself.

Question is: are we looking for team coalescense or collaboration? 

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