Difference between Spreadsheets and Spreadshifting 

Big data has brought many advantages to many areas providing insights and advances in medicine searching for the cure for cancer to the business world with investments and more recently to Human Resources with the advent of People Analytics.

Talking with data brings cohesion, focus to initiatives. It creates rationale and changes the perception of the real world.

But the dashboard that sits at my table does not entertain the coaching session that made Alan change his career and think about his team as a true leader.

The spreadsheet showing the areas where revenue is low and operational cost is high does not help me to drive a complete change management evolution with a team.

Changing lay-outs, creating new workflow, measuring endless times until we fine tune the best solution are the People to People initiatives. And that is not bound to the power of numbers nor it happens in a desk in front of a computer.

Numbers were invented to portray the world we live in, to explain in a simplified way what we could not count. But getting seduced by numbers and the reasoning we derive from them is a dangerous path.

We may end up convinced that numbers are more important than People and iluded that we can drive change with them.

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